Are we ‘sleepworking’ into an AI nightmare?

RESEARCH by a digital security firm shows that 80 percent of people have no fear that AI will take their jobs.

The rise of ChatGPT and rival chatbots has heated up debate on the subject. A survey commissioned by ID Crypt Global reveals that, for the most part, people aren’t too worked-up about it.

The 1,196 UK office workers surveyed were split on the benefits; 45 percent said AI in the workplace was a positive step; 55 percent disagreed. But when asked if they believed AI would make their roles obsolete, a resounding 81 percent said no. A full 94 percent said they were doing nothing to prepare for such an eventuality by learning new skills or looking for alternative industries.

If the time does come when jobs are usurped by AI, 52 percent of those canvassed believe that their employer and the government share responsibility for re-training and providing alternative employment. Just 14 percent say it’s up to each individual to future-proof their roles.

When asked whether AI will cause more harm than good, 47 percent said it would; 36 percent say it will be a benefit, and 17 percent are unsure.

ID Crypt Global CEO, Lauren Wilson-Smith, says the findings are of concern. “It’s worrying that so many people remain unconvinced that AI is going to disrupt their lives. At this point, it’s clear that AI is going to become a dominant force in society, not least in the workplace.”

Wilson-Smith says the government should be making efforts to educate the public about the possible changes coming over the next five years. “AI’s progress is going to be swift and transformational,” he warns.