Cisco Systems — Best Digitalisation Acceleration Programme | Global 2018

TECHNOLOGY can transform a nation, and Cisco Systems has a blueprint to accelerate the process. Cisco — a world leader in digital networking and IoT innovation — is partnering with governments, industries, and academia to accelerate their national digitalisation agendas. Cisco has built its blueprint as interlocking pieces to a puzzle: the first step prioritises education and technology research, the second fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, while the third results in a knowledgable, competitive workforce. Cisco security battens down the country’s new digital network, giving citizens secure access to services at the country, business, and personal level. Worldwide market penetration is well under way, and the programme is already active in 120 cities in 165 countries. The BV judging panel was impressed with Cisco Systems’ visionary strategies, and congratulates the company on its 2018 award win for Best Digitalisation Acceleration Programme (Global). This is the second BV award for Cisco, which last year won Best IoT Connection Platform.