Jamaica Public Service — Best Corporate Responsibility | Caribbean 2019

OVER the past century, Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has powered the country’s possibilities and business activities. As Jamaica’s exclusive utility provider, JPS provides an essential national service — but it views its role more as a development partner. The company has established a robust island-wide electricity grid and a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) structure that fuels the country’s economic growth, advances its 2030 vision plan, and supports global sustainable development goals. The JPS Foundation serves as its CSR channel for community outreach and development projects. JPS aims to improve lives and strengthen communities through strategic partnerships focused on science and technology education, environment and energy management, and community empowerment. The company has already invested around $40bn in efforts to diversify its fuel mix for a more sustainable — and competitive — future. The BV judging panel believes the roadmap is well-laid and JPS need only stay the course. The judges congratulate Jamaica Public Service, winner of the 2019 Best Corporate Responsibility (Caribbean) award.

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