Vakufska Banka — Best Customer-Centric Banking Team | Bosnia & Herzegovina 2019

QUALITY service requires quality staff, and Vakufska Banka has that one covered with its team of knowledgeable and committed professionals. The bank boasts a strong financial and logistical structure with branches across Bosnia and Herzegovina under the stewardship of a competent leadership team. Vakufska last year welcomed a new CEO, Denis Čivgin, a 20-year veteran of banking management. He took on his role with gusto, optimising processes and restructuring management to enhance cost efficiency and improve products and services. A combination of these efforts and an engaged workforce last year delivered the bank’s highest profits in 10 years. For this team-based and client-driven corporate culture, the BV judging panel declares Vakufska Banka the winner of the 2019 Best Customer-Centric Banking Team (Bosnia & Herzegovina).

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