P&G — Best ESG-Responsible Executive Team | United States 2019

WITH operations in 70 countries and a consumer base of five billion, P&G leverages its full force for good and for growth. The executive team steers the company with a North Star that unerringly points towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility. P&G collaborative partnerships ensure that human rights are protected, and environmental resources are used responsibly. The company maintains high ethical standards and uses its dominant global position to influence its entire stakeholder network — from supply chain to consumer. P&G made headlines for creating the world’s first recyclable shampoo bottle from recovered beach plastic and has almost reached its 2030 goal of using only recyclable or reusable packaging. Although the P&G leadership team already has a marked female presence, its 2030 quest is for equal representation. The BV judges present P&G with the 2019 Best ESG-Responsible Executive Team (United States) award.

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