Sight Diagnostics — Most Innovative Diagnostic Solutions | Middle East 2019

FASTER diagnosis leads to faster treatment, and Sight Diagnostics slashes the turnaround for lab results from days to minutes. The Tel Aviv company is a trailblazer of biotech, developing a desktop device that uses machine vision and AI techniques to create lab-quality analysis from only a pinprick of blood. Point-of-care providers prepare samples in a fool-proof, self-contained consumable, using an innovative and patented monolayer-cell technology. Founded in 2011, Sight launched a breakthrough solution for Malaria detection called Parasight and has shipped over 600,000 test kits to 24 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Sight’s latest diagnostic system — called Olo — is certified according to EU health and safety standards, and fresh series C financing to the tune of $27.8m will continue to fuel its research and expansion efforts. The BV judging panel congratulates Sight Diagnostics, the winner of the 2019 Most Innovative Diagnostic Solutions (Middle East) award.

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