Kommunalkredit Austria AG — Most Sustainable Infrastructure Project Partner | Central Europe 2019

Kommunalkredit Austria specialises in financing infrastructure and energy projects, and prides itself on its swift and decisive management processes. Its stated aim — to be a leader in the European infrastructure market — has been realised with aplomb. Recognition from the media, its partners, customers, and even its competitors, shows that another of its ambitions — to improve people’s lives — has been equally successful. In 2018, Kommunalkredit was ranked in the Top 30 Initial Mandated Lead Arrangers of credit financing in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The BV judges recognise this as an organisation with sustainability at the heart of its business model, and at the core of its activities. With ongoing projects in the areas of energy, the environment, social infrastructure, communications and transport, it shows that true sustainability can be more than just a noble goal. Kommunalkredit Austria AG is the winner of the 2019 award for Most Sustainable Infrastructure Project Partner (Central Europe).

Kommunal Kredit Austria