Tesla — Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Energy | Global 2019

TESLA has reached international fame as a high-tech alternative to legacy luxury car brands, with a focus on sustainable energy that has pushed product development and diversification from smart cars to power storage and solar energy. Tesla has evolved from a niche manufacturer to a mass producer of zero or low-emission solutions. The company entered the solar energy market in 2017, selling traditional solar panels and innovative solar roof tiles. Tesla storage solutions include the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack, which enable users to collect and save solar energy for a rainy day. Over the past year, Tesla has doubled its global energy storage capacity to more than 2 GWh. Company founder Elon Musk asserts that Tesla is poised for exponential growth — and that renewables are fuelling the development process. The BV judging panel recognises Tesla as an industry innovator with the 2019 Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Energy (Global) award.

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