Nextcare — Most Innovative Heath Insurance Administrator | MENA 2021

NEXTCARE offers a seamless healthcare experience. The health insurer administrator has expanded its ecosystem to extract more value for its insured members, healthcare providers network and insurers. Telehealth has played a big part in meeting insured members’ needs, and the mobile app usage has doubled over the past year. Integrated solutions such as the Symptom Checker tool, the video consultation via See a Doctor and the Appointment Booking service, show how to stay healthy and manage symptoms and treatments. AI-powered digital services include a pilot prescription programme that checks for drug conflicts. Nextcare, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Dubai. It serves over four million insured members, with $1.8bn in premiums and $1.4bn in claims under management. The BV jury presents repeat winner Nextcare with the 2021 Most Innovative Heath Insurance Administrator (MENA) award.