Holdun Family Office — Best Multi-Family Office | Caribbean 2021

HOLDUN guides families through the stresses and pitfalls of managing wealth. As a fifth-generation family office, it has been through it all before and leverages that experience to help other families through their own financial journeys. As well as sharing this direct experience, Holdun invests its own capital alongside that of its clients, ensuring a unique alignment of interests. The Holdun Family Office was established over 30 years ago and continues to expand, boasting three global offices, seven unique funds and a rapidly growing team. These innovative and exclusive funds include a data-driven sports betting platform, a crypto arbitrage fund and multiple niche real estate opportunities. These Holdun funds have consistently delivered double-digit returns while reducing volatility and increasing diversification for clients. The BV jury presents repeat winner Holdun Family Office with the 2021 award for Best Multi-Family Office (Caribbean).

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