Employers need to brush up on interviews, too

FINDING the perfect candidate for a job can be challenging, and just as crucial as hiring the right person is ensuring that they know that the company they will be working for is a positive, friendly place.

Job interview, people shaking hands
Image by yanalya on Freepik

Office space company Instant Offices have looked at the top red flags that potential employees look for. By analysing the most popular interview posts on Reddit, they were able to find the top 15 red flags hiring teams need to make sure they avoid!

The top 15 red flags

Rank Red Flag Reddit Upvotes
1 Bad Glassdoor reviews 46800
2 Poor answers to questions 40800
3 “You’ll be wearing many hats” 32900
4 Clothing with the company logo 27800
5 Suggesting you sign the contract immediately 16200
6 Saying their employees like overtime 10800
7 “Work hard, play hard” 8100
8 Dodging questions about pay 7500
9 Asking ‘what clients you can bring?’ 6800
10 Undercutting salary offer 4500
11 Suggesting work over weekends 4200
12 Condescending tone 4000
13 “We’re like family here” 2900
14 Poor explanations of the training process 2200
15 Asking bad questions 281


With almost 50,000 upvotes, bad Glassdoor reviews are seen as major red flags. Many candidates do their research — and how other, and previous, employees feel is important.

Interviewees are often encouraged to ask questions as part of the hiring process, and poor answers can put a candidate off. Number Two on the red flag list.

Red flags for overworking have four entries in the top 15. Look out for terms like “wearing many hats”, “staff enjoy overtime” — and even that old chestnut “work hard, play hard”.

Google searches for “overwork culture” hit 13,000 in the month before the pandemic. There are now fewer than 2000 a month — possibly thanks to the rise in flexible and hybrid working.