Starting a business? It’s about location, location, and location

NATIONAL performance indicators for 28 European countries, including GDP, unemployment rate, and practicality have revealed the best places to start a business.

The UK’s strong economy, low unemployment, and ease of starting and running a business here puts the country in top spot. The UK also topped the list of countries with the lowest cost for starting a business.

After Britain come, in order: Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, France, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Romania.

And while the UK may be the best place to start a business, the weather, culture, political climate and other factors may nudge future business owners to consider opening up abroad.

Ireland is best-of-the-rest, with a strong economy, reasonable tax rates, and ease of process to start and run a business. The Netherlands sits third, thanks to simplicity of setting-up and unemployment, followed by Denmark and Estonia.

Luxembourg has the narrowest gender pay-gap of all of the countries studied. Germany leads the GDP category, which means a bigger economy with more activity.

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