Tamer Group — Best Corporate Governance | Middle East 2019

GUIDED by strong core values and a thoughtful corporate governance framework, the Tamer Group has cultivated lasting relationships with all its stakeholders — relationships that promote trust and commitment, and foster constant development. Professionalism, dependability and innovation have been the governing principles of the business since its formation in 1922. These values have taken Tamer on a journey of success, positioning it as a leader in Saudi healthcare business and making it the partner of choice for leading brands on regional and international levels. Tamer’s 360-degree feedback approach has facilitated the creation of a knowledge-sharing organisation, with a focus on nurturing talent and stepping away from bureaucratic and confining leadership structures. With 3,600 employees, Tamer cultivates a flexible and collaborative work environment that provides opportunities for staff to flourish, lead, and assume responsibility. This sense of empowerment extends to the robust relationships that Tamer has built with its clients. The corporate governance framework at Tamer embraces the concept of giving back to the community as an essential part of responsible business. From hiring workers with disabilities and providing professional development and scholarships to partnering with regional hospitals to increase awareness of health issues, Tamer demonstrates exemplary social responsibility. The BV judging panel declares Tamer Group as winner of the 2019 award for Best Corporate Governance (Middle East).

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